Ho, Ho, Hooo !

Written by David,



Written by David,

By Jon Lawton

You’ll love the work of Jon Lawton. He is also the creator of RING magazine. Check it out : Jon Lawton‘s website.

Our Coup de Coeur : Megan McIsaac

Written by David,

Nouel Riel by Megan McIsaac

We are in love with the work of Megan McLsaac.

Follow her with Instagram Twitter Tumblr and Megan’s website.

Links of the week #4

Written by David,

Good news, Photoville is returning to Brooklyn Bridge Park this September 13–23. Make a difference by supporting a good cause by selling your pictures during the exhibitions : Shoot For Good. Book & Tapes by Primitive Skateboarding Belgium is coming.

Links of the week #3

Written by Antoine DBF,

Check out the new Garry Winogrand documentary trailer: All Things are Photographable.

Links of the week #2

Written by David,

Are you ready for the Shitty Camera Challenge 2018 ? Do you know the work of the street photographer Jessy Marlow ? Read the interview of Boogie at Drago. Gangs of Paris, by Yan MorvanIPPAWARDS 2018 winning photographs.

Links of the week

Written by David,

We fell in love with KATE BELLM work. Discover the great work of CHADWICK TYLERJOSEF CHLADEK a website about photo books. The amazing photography of JASON LEE (yes, the famous actor and skateboarder). The collage serie of MICHELE BATTILOMO. The street photography of AARON BERGERLAURENT KRONENTAL and his great serie “Souvenir d’un futur”. SONJA LEKOVIC photographer from Belgrade. IRINA ROZOVSKY photographer from Moscow.